The swing of a spinning cricket ball in the air can be explained on the basis of:
(a) sudden change in wind direction.
(b) buoyancy of air.
(c) turbulence caused by wind.
(d) Bernoulli's theorem.
The swing of the cricket ball depends on two reasons FIRST is bowler wrist and second is natural air so when the bowler bowls the ball if the bowler wrist is so flexible then he can swing the bowl in any direction either out swing or in swing of of the best swing bowler is james anderson who swings the bowl in any direction so this is the first reason. the second reason is natural air swing when the air speed is so fat and ground is situated in mountain where four side of the ground is open then the swing of the bowl depends on the air the direction where air travel's that direction bowl swings away some example are dharamshala punjab cricket ground which is situated in high mountain where air travel's so fast so these are the reasons of swing of the cricket bowl.