- Time is very valuable, wasting it can create major problems. 
- As the old saying says, you can retrieve a lost bag of gold but not time.  
- Whatever time has gone, is never going to come back.
- This is why we should use time effectively, strategically. 
- Handling time in the correct way is very essential in the life of a student.

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- Time is very essential and precious in today s' daily busy lives. 
- Once gone, Time is never going to come back. 
- Time is very valuable. we must ensure that we must use it effectively.
- Once wasted, That time will never come back and at last, you will realize that how you have wasted it and instead of wasting it you can even use it for some thing creative.
- We must use time accordingly and we must not waste it. We can utilize time for learning something creative. 
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