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Follow the given steps to create a database-
step 1- click the local templates from the template categories on the left pane
step-2- from the middle pane, choose the database you want like students
step-3- specify  a name for the database in the file name box
step-4- click on the create button
 then it creates and opens the database for you . by default a form is opened where you can enter the data.
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Microsoft provides quite a few pre-built database templates to assist you in.We'll walk through the process of creating an Access database using these templates.Create an Access 2007 database using templates. Access 2007 Inside Out book cover · Microsoft Office Access 2007 Inside Out By John Viescas and Jeff.If you want to organize and manage your data with Access but just don't want to spend time creating a database from scratch, try using a desktop database.To create a database instance with a preconfigured Oracle Management Repository using the database templates offered by Oracle.The advantage of using a template is that much of the work in setting up a database is done for you. If one of the templates closely matches your needs.
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