The Indian subcontinent has a history of devastating earthquakes.Generally, the areas having trap or basaltic rock are prone to earthquakes. five seismic zones of India. There are five seismic zones in India, zone 1 being the secure place and zone 5 being the earth quake prone area.On the basis of the intensities or the destructiveness of the earthquakes a map of India has been published by the Meteorological Department.Over 58.6 per cent of land in India is highly vulnerable to earthquakes and 38 cities fall under moderate to high risk seismic zones.ndia being a large landmass is particularly prone to earthquakes. TheIndian subcontinent is divided into five seismic zones with respect to the severity.A list of 22 towns in earthquake prone areas of UP has been prepared and the Town and Country Planning department has already identified.
The areas where there is always a danger to earthquake .like aasam, mizoram ,mahipal ,and also the mainly earthquake prone areas are on plane rather than hilly sides.