If u join a Two branches it will give a flower this is called as grafting okayyyyyy
Grafting is a process to make a two plants grow in same time. with this if a plant is not growing, it can grow if done in proper way.
it is done in this way- I'll give an example.
like there are two plants one of Apple and other of orange. like orange is not properly growing and orange have two buds. in it one plant is taken which have two buds on it. and one having no bud. suppose Apple plant is having two buds and orange is having no bud. now to grow orange plant we will use grafting. in this method-
..cut the stem of orange plant horizontally.
..after cutting it horizontally. cut the stem of in v shape a little deep. take the Apple ( having two buds ) and cut the plant horizontally in two parts so that one bud remains there and other for the orange plant.
.. now trim the stem of Apple plant from the end with which it was cut previously in pencil- like shape ore like a cone.
... now take the pencil-shaped stem and place it into the orange plant stem.
.... then take a polythin bag an roll it over the joint.
.... tie a thread on this polythin.
.... and make holes in polythin for air passing.after some time the joint will get connected.
and hence we will get a hybrid plant.