The tragedy in Uttarakhand is symptomatic of a larger malaise. India is one of the 10 worst disaster-prone countries of the world. Of its 35 states and Union Territories, 27 are disaster-prone. Over 58 per cent of the landmass is vulnerable to earthquakes, over 40 million hectares—or 12 per cent of land—is prone to floods and river erosion. Of the 7,516-km-long coast line, 5,700 km is prone to cyclones and tsunamis, 68 per cent of the cultivable area is vulnerable to drought, and hilly areas are at risk from landslides and avalanches. The combination of natural and human-induced factors—adverse climatic conditions to environmental degradation fuelled by non-scientific development practices accompanied by a burgeoning population—make the risks worse.
                         This is the information of the Uttarakhand floods !! and know the reason for this?? it's surely GLOBAL WARMING. It means the the raise in temperature on the Earth's surface which causes drastic changes and could even destroy mankind!! It is found that earth is raising it's temperature by 1 degree centigrade each year. global warming could be reduced only by 
 afforestation and reduction of CFC usage( when opened fridge CFC's are released which could increase Global warming. and travelling in public transport to reduce fuel consumption ! 

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