After stealing the silver candle stick the convict runs from the house of bishop. after that guards catch him and bring him covict the bishop. the convict was handcuffed by the guards. then the guards askes bishop that they have caught convict with bishop's candle sticks they thought that he has stolen the candle sticks. was that so asks the guards. then the bishop said that '' no- no i have gifted him these candle sticks''. then he ordered the guards to set convict free. after watching bishop's kindness convict's opinion was changed about humanity. this action of bishop was a turning point of convict's life. then when the guards left the palace. he actually gifted these sticks to convict. after receiving candlesticks convict was a changed man. then the bishop showed him way to get out of the town and advised him to start a new life. before going he asked the bishop to bless him. then he left the palace.

silver will melt.

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