Teachers are the person who is god in our life they love every child but they didn't show because of straightness and they also very near to there students they teach us discipline in our life and plays a very major role to make a complete child. teachers are the person who teach us all good merits of life discipline , way of talking etc etc.  teachers are real holder of knowledge. 

Teachers are like real potters who not only give our life a shape, but also enable to lit like a lamp forever after dispelling the darkness from all across the world. 
teachers are like coconut hard from outside but very they have lot of love for us from inside.
teachers always stop us to doing mistake because if they didn't caught our mistake we didn't stop to doing mistake so teachers stop us from doing mistake. so we have to show respect and love toward the teacher and if we do this then definitely we will become a great person in our life.

in respect of teachers we celebrate teachers day every year on 5th September. 
teachers day is a very special occasion for the teachers and students teachers day celebrated on the birthday of Our earlier President, Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan . he is a great man and on the birthday of him we celebrate teachers day. teachers are like first god we seen in our life so we have to give respect to them either they are school teacher or tution teacher we have to show respect.  
we all love our teacher because they teach us in every moment of our life so we should thankful to them and we should respect our teachers and salute them with awesomeness.