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So, you're looking for essay on the right of having a decent government that citizens of any country have. Well, at least they should have it, certainly.

Below, I am presenting you a snippet of my other answer, I don't want to copy it here, so I'm presenting you one of points I put in there. If you wanna read the whole piece, please continue with the link on the botttom of the answer :)


     [...] a decent government is obliged to support every single citizen with right conditions for growth. Let's be honest though - it often proves to be insufficient. However, good, democratic system is able to nourish true leaders - this kind of inspiring representants which people from every social group want to follow. In a perfect, democratic country, folk are represented by politicians emerged from almost every social group there is in a country. It present an opportunity, to work towards the best version of our future based, no matter how diverse the society [...]


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