I w'd like talk about plant rather animal,cause v r much fascinating about animals and less considering plants extinction. I'm talking about a plants which really wonder's me of color/size and of course it stinky smell. RAFFLESIA ARNOLDDII is one of the largest flower on earth u may wonder what will be its size ,its grows 3 feet in diameter and weigh around 12kg. itself does not have a any structural stem or leaves or ,how does it grow actually its a parasitize,it grow on other plant nutrition by growing up on u wnna know how does it smells u better not too. It has pungent odors of decomposing flesh, hence the nickname for the flower is corpse(dead body) flower.this flower is native to Sumatra islands. So u may ask what this plant will nature/ecology every species has a value/role to play in the cycle of ecology.This flower attract more flies than any other flowering plants cause its odor's reach more distance .so this flower helps other plant .where thus other plant solely dependent on external pollination by this bee' conservative of every plant and animal is very essential for the survival of human species. V c't bluntly over thow other species for single benefit .as v a students what v can do is make join hand to support the peop /organization who conserves ecology
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Tiger and it is useful because it is our national animal it is our strenghth