'tis the seasona carpet of glistening snowflakesa cascade of snowflakesa landscape of bare trees and brown grassa new day of shiversa season of contemplationa season of welcominga snowflake is winter's butterflya thermos filled with hot chocolateangel poses and runny nosesas cold as a freezeras cold as icebaby, it's cold outsidebah humbugballs of fluffy white cotton fall from up highbetter inside than outbrrr! it's cold outside!bundle up tight, flurries tonight!catch a snowflake on your tonguecherry red nosechill out this winterchilled to the bonechillin' outcold as an iceboxcold fingers and toescold hands, warm heartscold, frosty morningscrackling leaves flowing through the treescreate warm memories in the cold of wintercuddlin' with a cup of cocoadark nights of winterdark when you go to work and dark when you come homedashing through the snowdressed up like Eskimoseach snowflake is unique...just like youeat your fill and diet after the New Yearevery mile in winter is twoevery mile is two in winterFebruary funfeel the crunch of snow beneath your feetfeel the rush of cold air on your cheeks