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               A friend in need is a friend indeed.

Introduction :

     We hear this often.  We think we understand it, but not quite well.  It is true really.  And one knows about the truth of it only when one faces a tough situation and is need of a help.

      It is said that we cannot choose mother, father, brother sister etc., but we can choose who our friends can be. Our friends help us to move in a circle, socialize, and share our feelings.   Friends are in the same phase with us and agree or disagree with us in more coherent way.  That feeling of same phase, bonds us and gives us a good feeling too.  Often a person feels shy to ask some thing from another, but does not hesitate to ask the same from a friend.  So it generally a friend whom we contact in case of an urgent need of help in terms of job, money, advice and service.

    A friend is someone who likes us and our company in spite of our bad qualities and limitations in our abilities.  Friends make bonds and contribute to each other’s development.  A great example of friends from Hindu mythology is Krishna and Kuchela.  Krishna gives riches to Kuchela when Kuchela comes to him in the hour of great poverty and hunger.

         Friends help one another in all phases of life. They come without expecting returns, in general. Many occasions, we see that friends help each other in studies, jobs, duty and so on. Friends also make relations across religions, castes and borders. This enhances the national and  international harmony and peace.

      People try to make friends with others as and when they can. It is a natural tendency. So friendship has become so important in life. Internationally, a day has been reserved for celebrating friendship day.

       Friendship should be helpful, mutually beneficial, but it is bad and unforgivable to cheat friends. Friends should freely exchange their views and understand each other, what they can do for each other. That will avoid uncomfortable situations and misunderstanding. Friendship is friendship whether it is between people of same gender or opposite gender.


     These days, often it becomes difficult for a friend to help another due to personal life and busy schedule one has.  People say that one helps another expecting a greater return at a later stage.  One must learn that friendship is not going to movies together, drinking together or spending some time together.

     Friendship is helping one another in hour of real need of our friend.  Friendship is seeing our friend happy and safe at all times of his or her life.  When a friend approaches us with a request we must try to help as much as we can to reduce his pain or improve his situation.

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