Alien. :Hai hello. My name is Radicular
Human: Oh hai. I am seeing an alien for the first time. Well my
name is Vijay.
Alien. :What all are happening in earth.
Human:Nothing to say about it. Other humans like me are creating
disturbance to earth. The earth's resources are being
damaged by humans. Earth is also responding to this by
earthquakes floods tsunamis and all. And from which
Planet are you coming from
Alien. :I am from the planet Neptune.
Human:What are the situation in your planet.
Alien. :Peace and prosperity every where. Full of happiness.
Everyone lives harmoniously.
Human:Wow great. I have a wish to come to your planet.
Alien. :Of course you can come. But don't bring others because
we don't want to damage our resources.
Human:OK. We all are not of that type. Anyway goodbye
Alien. :Goodbye
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