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The vertebrate phylum which belongs to animalia kingdom are classified into 5 groups!!They are fish (Pisces), amphibia, reptiles, birds &mammals.Fish:These have fins and tails.They breath using gills under water.These are cold blooded animals.These have two chambered heart. Birds:These have feathers, two wings, claws, These are oviparous. These are warm blooded animals. These have four chambered hearts. Hope this helps you
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The vertebrates are classified into 5 groups they are::: 1-pisces(fish). 2-amphibians. 3-reptiles. 4-birds(aves). 5-mammals. Mammals are the animals which have their skin covered by fur.and these are viviparous animals.these have mammary glands.ex--humans,bats etc.. Reptiles::these have a dry skin and scales. These animals lays eggs.these are cold blooded animals. Most of these animals have three chambered heart but crocodiles have four chambered heart.