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the physical properties of metal are:
1.they are malleable -can be beaten into thin sheets,eg aluminium foil.
2.they are ductile-can be drawn into thin wires,eg cable wires (made of copper)
3.they are sonorous -they make sound when beaten. eg,school  bells.
 4.they are good conductors of heat and electricity. eg  copper wire used in cables,aluminium used  in frying pans.
5.has high tensile strength-eg  metals used to male machines.
6.has high melting point -tungsten used in bulbs .
7.high density
i hope this helps u..
1: they are malleable ( copper, silver etc..)
2: they are ductile ( aluminium, silver etc...)
3: they are good conductors ( silver, copper etc...)
4: they lustrous ( gold, silver etc..)
5: they are generally hard ( iron, gold etc..)
6: they have high densities ( iron, copper etc..)
7: they they have high melting points ( iron , gold etc..)
8: they are sonorous ( copper, gold etc...)
9: they are normally black and grey in color ( iron, silver etc...)
       i hope that this will help u...............^_^
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