The main reasons for invading Kalinga were both political and economic. Kalinga is then said to be a glorious and prosperous region consisting of freedom loving and artistic skilled peoples. The Kalinga Kingdom, also known as the "Utkala" were the first from the Bharata(present day India) who traveled offshore to South East for Trade. They use to follow open culture and uniform civil code. Since the time of Ashoka's father, King Bindusara, the Mauryan Empire based inMagadha was following a policy of territorial expansion. Kalinga was under Magadha control during the Nanda rule,but regained independence with the beginning of the rule of the Mauryas. That was considered a great setback for the traditional policy of territorial expansion of the Magadhan emperors and was considered to be a loss of political prestige for the Mauryas merely imperative to reduce Kalinga to complete subjection. To this task Ashoka must have set himself as soon as he felt he was securely established on the throne
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Because ashok the great ruler want to capture the orissa