Nowdays mobile phones have become very common amongst the students of high school to collage and of course the adults.No one uses a telephone in our present time.we do not need to operate a desktop or laptop.we can simply use a smart phone as it contains all the features of desktop.the very common word,facebook,hope we all know his word.this is the second largest social network in the web after myspace only in terms of traffic.there are many other social networks.when we make an account in these sites,automatically the friends are made.when we are constantly on these sites we use problems in the exam time as we dont study the whole year.we continuously talk with friends and make updates.this is a gteat loss of time which may effect our career.he second is music.we dont have to use our radio to listen musics.we can just download songs from the net into our phones and listen to them.we dont have to use a television to watch our favourite serials and movies.we can simply download them and watch tjem without any from the above lines we can see that all these tasks can be performed by our his order we are sitting he whole day in touch of our phones.
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Earth is the only planet known till date where living beings are known to live. This planet is filled with the creativity of nature and beauty. But humans are the only creature who pay to live on this planet. It is agreeable that humans have the most developed brains, but we as humans are dealing with the nature. They cut all the trees for wood, they build dams for electricity, they kill animals for clothing, extract fossil fuels for maintaining the lifeline of the world- cars, and we are the only one who cut trees, make paper on them, and on the same paper, write "Save Trees". 
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