I am the river Ganga.I am the largest and most sacred river of India.I was born thousands of years ago fron the Himalayas.I am very restless from my birth.My current is very strong in my upper course.Here I leap from one rock to another.My middle course starts from Hardwar.In the plains, I am very wide and slow.It is largest parr of my body.I enter the sea going through many fields and gardens, towns and villages.
People have built large towns and citiea on my banks.Some of them are the centres of culture and education, trade and comnerce.Many towns of pilgrimage are located on my banks.Hundreds of pilgrims bathe in my sacred water.I am myself deity to thousanda of people of the country.Boats, streamers and ship ply along on my surface.My water is used for drinking and other purposes.During the rainy season my surface rises and I overflow the banks causing floods.People suffer much.But I am not actually responsible for this.
I am very old and have seen many men come to this world and die.I have no death.I will flow on forever.Like the cloud, I change but I cannot die.
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