Adjectives are describing words. It is actually a word naming attributes of a noun.
For example, large, grey and friendly. 
Its types:-
1. Possessive Adj- It is the adjective which is used to point out the noun that belongs to someone and there are seven of them- My, Your, Our, Their, His, Her and Its,
 Ex- It is my book.

2. Descriptive Adj- It is the adjective that is used to tell the sort of noun or quality.
Ex- He is a tall man

3. Numeral Adj- It is the adjective which is used to show the number of noun. 
Ex- Ankor temple has got five towers. or Ankor Wat is the seventh wonder of the world.

4. Demonstrative Adj- It is the adjective which is used to point out the noun. These are this, these, that, and those.
Ex- That man is very handsome.

5. Interrogative Adj- It is the adjective used to ask the question. They are where, what, which etc.
Ex- Which animal do you like ?

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Describing words are called adjective.
1.adjective of quality -it shows the quality e.g. loud, fast ,brave etc.
2.adjective of quantity -it tells how much of a thing is mean.e.g. enough , any ,much etc.
3.numeral adjective- it shows the order in which person an animal or a thing stand it also shows number or how many persons or things are meant. e.g. one ,two , three (all numbers ) last and most.
4.distributive adjective -it denotes of a number. e.g. every , either , neither.
5.interrogative adjective- it is used before nouns to ask a question .e.g which, what etc.
6.possessive adjective- it is used with a noun to show who has something.these adjectives do not take apostrophe .e.g. my, our ,her etc.
7. demonstrative adjective- it is used to point out the person or thing referred to .e.g. these , that , those .
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