We value our city greatly due to the fact we have the people who value others, who have a feeling of worry, compassion, sympathy or regard for others. We have friendships and understanding between people with different cultures, races customs and practices, we all love to be united and to live in peace and brotherhood. There is no feeling of hostility, hatred and jealousy. Everyone seems to wish for happiness for others.  Every one of us likes to have good dreams, as good dreams are a good source of pleasure and pleasantness. Dreaming good dreams is not bad, as they not only delight us but also become a good cause to motivate us so that we can pave the ways to fulfill the objectives of life. Dreams are often a mixture of real and imaginary characters and places and events. One such good dream I dreamed is of a city which I call as my dream city. I dream of city that I would like to share with.My dream city is surrounded with green foliage, shrubs and plants bearing flowers of different colors that gives a magnificent view. The roads are wide and clean having bridges and under bridges leaving a narrow path for pedestrian crossings allowing people or vehicles to pass conveniently, which shows a well arrangement for vehicular traffic and the people on foot.  In this way, my city is so beautifully landscaped that you will find none but regard my city as best.Finally, I would like to mention it sadly, it was just my dream, dreams are just dreams. I wish we had such city in reality where there is always peace,happiness and serenity in all the corners.