I'm sorry I can give you only info about different types of vectors
1.Co-initial vectors
: All those vectors whose initial points are same, such vectors are called co initial vectors. 
2.Co-terminal vectors :All those vectors whose terminal (end) points are same,such vectors are called co terminal vectors.
3. Coplanar Vectors:The vectors which lie in the same plane  are called Co-planar  Vectors
 4.Null vectors: Any vector  which  has direction but no magnitude is called a null vector. For a null
vector  its initial point  and the terminal point will be same .
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how about 1 dimensional, two dimensional, collinear , vectors passing through the same point.
preparation of chart means, perhaps one has to adda a diagram and write one or two properties too.
3-dimensional and n-dimensional vectors too.. parallel vectors, perpendicular (normal) vectors also..