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-Script for having a Eco-Friendly Diwali !

First person :- Hye, My dad is going to bring the crackers of about Rs. 5000. I am so happy today.
Second member :- whooa..! Nice !
Third person  :- What ? why are you people spending a lot of money on buying these crackers ?
Fourth Person :- yes. he/She is correct. Why to spend a lot of money just on buying the crackers. ?
Third person :- do you know that these crackers are made by small children and they often burn there hands while making these. These crackers contain a lot of chemicals and it can even harm you.
First and second person :- what ? Diwali only comes once a year and it is celebrated because Shri Ram returned to their home after 40 years. 
Fourth person :- Every year on Diwali, many people fall sick just because of the pollution caused by burning crackers. These crackers cause air pollution which is very harmful for health. We should instead stop burning crackers because it has many dis-advantages and we should even advise it to others.
Fifth person :- Hye Friends. Do you know that my dad is buying eco-friendly crackers this diwali to stop the pollution and i am even going to advise about it to other people through a role play in the society. Will you all join me ?
Others :- yes, yes ...why not ! Sure ! but what are eco-friendly crackers. ?
Fifth person :- Eco-friendly crackers are the crackers which do not cause air-pollution and they not even harm us.
Others :- wow. That is nice ! 
Fifth person :- lets' practice for the role play ! 
others :- yes..let s' have a eco-friendly diwali this year !
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thx fr d suggestion shruti sis
np bro. ! :P
If you don't' feel it s' a good suggestion then no need for doing it ! It s' okay dude ! I never beg people for such things but still it was just a wish of mine ...xD ! A thanks is enough for me !
hey hey... when did i tell it is a bad suggestion?? a nice suggestion but i dnt knw hw to mark it as brainlist... i m new here
n yeah i m a girl...