The basic needs of adolescents are divided into two groups – (a) Physiological needs and (b) Psychological needs.
Physiological needs:

 Need for activity -
Need for sexual satisfaction -
Sex development is a fundamental fact of adolescence. The sex instinct which had been lying dormant during childhood is reawakened. In the adolescence stage the young adolescent repeats 3 stages of sexual development -
a) Auto – eroticism: the adolescent takes interest in his own body and he/she handles his own sex organs. 
b) Homo-sexuality: during the early period of adolescence boys love to mix with boys and girls with girls. 
c) Hetero – sexuality: this type of sexuality is found at the later stage of adolescence. The boys and girls are attracted 
towards the opposite sex.
Psychological needs:
Need for freedom
Need for social life -
The security need -
The adventure need -
Need for self dependence or need for a vocation -