"they also transport large and heavy materials like cement,coal,iron-ore,petroleum,food grain,jute and cotton"
a) identify and classify the different types of resources in the above statement
b) what role does technology plays in transformation oh these resources
c) which of the above two resources can be transformed from a raw material into a finished product. explain the process and depict it with the help of pictures



Ans b) tech. plays a vital role in transformation of these resources. with only tech we can extract iron from iron ore, make use of petroleum n coal, convert jute n cotton into finished products. advancement helped in doing all this at a faster rate
ans c) food grains and jute and cotton can be transformed . by boiling , grinding or cooking we can convert food grains into eatable finished goods. and by the long process of cleaning, weaving n dying , we can convert cotton into fabrics n cloth

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