1.Human ear corresponds to sound waves of frequencies in the range of 20 Hz to 20KHz what r the corresponding wavelengths?if velocity sound is 330m/s.(ans:16.5m,0.0165m)
2.An observer heard the thunder 5 sec after flash of lightingwhat is the distance of flash from observer,if velocity of sound id 330m/s.(ans:1650m)




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1. v = 330 m/s
f = 20Hz
wavelength = v/f = 330/20 = 16.5 m

f = 20KHz = 20,000 Hz
wavelength = 330/20,000 = 0.0165m

Range of wavelength is (0.0165m to 16.5m)

2. speed = 330 m/s
time = 5s
distance = speed*time = 330*5 = 1650m 
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