Plz answer thw question in the image...My exam Is there..

hmmm....One question was like that onlt...That its thrown up with velocityy....I had to solve longgg along with variables
for u everthing which i post wouldbe esy..u r of class 11 na
sort of :P
answer it



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initial velocity = 10 m/s
time taken = 1.2 sec
acceleration = 9.8 m/s^2
therefore distance,
s = ut+1/2 at^2
s= 10*1.2 + 1/2 * 9.8 * (1.2 )^2
s = 12 + 4.9 * 1.44
s = 12 + 7.056
s = 19.056
therefore option (d) 19 m is the answer according to me.
         i hope that this will help u.....................^_^
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the speed of the stone upwards, is the same when the stone falls back to the same height... ie., at the edge of the cliff..
the stone travels up at 10m/s vertical component, then it becomes 0.. when it falls down, it regains the same speed at the same altitude..
you must mention this point in the answer
yeah that what i asked u pahi...