Is it a cookin competition riksha??  den hav fun..

this idea can be used if u have a limited no. of dishes only...if der are above 10 dishes , i think so this idea cannot b applicable.. sry.. 

instead of making it like a booklet, u can do it in a chart paper.
u can prepare d dish at home, then do so and take a pic of it,print it, later have the feast(this is, if u have a few no. of dishes...) if ur not preparing the dish, then just google for the pic
as this project is fr science, u can include all the nutrients in it.
ingredients used can also be written
if u want u can use the booklet idea, but chart paper menu will look sort of unique!
as a joke, u can write sumwhere in a corner"all food items are available for free.." or sumthing like that(just for a bit of humour :-P)
keep it simple.. decorations are needed but not soo much that all the attention of ur CUSTOMERS is on that more than the food items!!

Yours sincerely,

2 breads with butter, 2 bananas, 1 boiled egg with salt and pepper, water. After 1 hour ; 1 or 2 glasses of milk.
Plain rice or 2 chappatis or 2 parotas or 2 breads, 1 bowl of dal (pulses curry), 1 bowl of chicken or fish curry, 1 bowl of aloo dum (potato curry) or vegetable curry, french fries, water.
2 to 4 puris or 2 chappati or 2 parota, dal (pulses curry), fried rice or plain rice, 1 bowl of fish curry, 1 bowl chicken curry, 1 bowl of vegetable curry, salad, some amount of roughage, water.