The meaning of bright in the given sentences :
1. I like bright colors.
2. teju my brother gave me a bright smile.
3. mukul is a bright student.
4. shraddha has bright ideas.
5. this young player has a bright future.
6. we took rest in a bright room.

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In the first sentence , bright represents your choice , like other example , He/she likes bright students , in second bright represents , joy or happiness , in 3rd sentence it represents about the ability or intelligence , here bright is used like , student is bright like sun , in 4th it means , shraddha has very good ideas , in 5th it is also used as an example to compare ir sun's brightness , like sun's brightness never gotta dim , this player's future also never gotta dim ,
In 6th it doesn't have a spl meaning , simple used to represent light


1)attractive 2)good 3)intelligent 4)ideas which are useful or good ideas,5)destined to happy and successful future, 6)lightened room
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The meaning of bright in the given sentences are:
1. The colours are bold and vivid.
2. the smile was positive.
3. Mukul is a intelligent student
4. Shradda has ideas which are to the point.
5. The young player has a exciting future.
6. We took rest in an shining room or a room which is reflecting a large amount of light.
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