Premchand's short story is abt the importance of panchayat and the impartial role the head Panch needs to play when he acts as a judge.Two friends-Jumman and Alagu are close friends.Incidentally, bcoz of some reason both of had to approach the panchayat at different times to get justice. It happens that while one friend approaches the Panch,the other is the head panch.First Jumman goes to Panchayat with a dispute with her aunt and Alagu gives a verdict against him which creates a distance between them.But when Alagu goes to the Panchayat with his problem with Jumman as the head panch,and Jumman gives a judgement in favour of Alagu,Jumman realizes that when one is sitting as the head of the Panch,one needs to get over all human ties and act impartially as God does.Hence,the title is apt for the story.