Cycle improve our health and by cycling we can made the earth pollution free
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"Cycling improves Health and Environment" 
One of the important reason for Cycling is that it is a good exercise. Cycling improves cardiovascular health, mental health, strength, balance, flexibility, stamina and burn calories.
Another important reason to ride a bicycle is to reduce pollution. When we use bicycles in place of automobiles, we eliminate the harmful 
exhaust gas emission that are released into the air and cause air pollution. 
Using bicycle not only improve the atmosphere for us, but also for all other living creatures on Earth. Another type pf pollution that has a serious impact on the health of this planet is water pollution. The natural resources and material including water, that are used in the production of a car could be used to create almost hundred bicycles.
We can park nearly a dozen bicycles in the space required to park a car. With a bicycle we do not have to spend valuable time searching for parking space.
Cycling saves time. A car has a greater speed, but during rush hour, a bicycle can travel faster than a car.
So, Cycling is a great way to improve our Health and save our Environment.

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