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1.DBMS applications store data as file. 1.RDBMS applications store data in a tabular form. 2.Normalization is not present in DBMS. 2.Normalization is present in RDBMS. 3.DBMS does not apply any security with regards to data manipulation. 3.RDBMS defines the integrity constraint for the purpose of ACID (Atomocity, Consistency, Isolation and Durability) property. 4.DBMS uses file system to store data, so there will be no relation between the tables. RDBMS, data values are stored in the form of tables, so a relationship between these data values will be stored in the form of a table as well. 5.DBMS does not support distributed database. 5.RDBMS supports distributed database. 6.Examples of DBMS are file systems, xml etc. 6.Example of RDBMS are mysql, postgre, sql server, oracle etc.
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