It's the universal truth that everything puts some effect on system effects Sun. Sun effects planet's.etc etc. today technology has got advanced. so its obvious that it has effected us too. now coming to human relations technology has put a great effect.
in first times there were only letters by which people communicated to others, know about them and if somebody or their relatives are well or not. this system wasn't very good. even it took the or even more days to deliver the letters. at that time people mostly were unaware of their relative's conditions.
after that telegrams came they were better than the system of letters. it was faster than the letters.
after that telephones came. though everybody wasn't able to buy a telephone but people who were having them had very much advantages.
they can talk to their relatives.
to their business partners.
any time.
by that human relations developed and people came much closer to each other.
today is generation of internet. today internet has given us a very big advantage. we can talk to or message to any one any where by phone's functions like what's app facebook emails viber.
but as the technology have done it has many bad affects too. today children are getting far from their parents due mobile phones tablets etc.. they have started to give much time to phones than their parents. so everything has a great effect on each other. as I wrote the technology have effect on many other phases of human life
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