He was an american business man he was best known as co-founder,chairman,chief executive officer and largest shareholder a member of walt disney.job is widely recognised as a pioneer of microcomputer revolution of the 1970's and along as apple co founder

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    Steve Jobs was one of the world changers in the last four decades.  He founded Apple Inc. in 1970s.  He was the chairman and managing director of Apple Inc.  Apple is one of the biggest computer manufacturers.  Apple also develops software.  Long ago, he had introduced computers for children to learn.  He introduced the Macintosh operating system.  He made it usable by all people and not just by computer scientists.

       He was a good person and led a good family life too.  He married Laurene Powell, who did MBA at Standford,  in 1991. There is a film also on his life.  Jobs also founded two more companies Pixar and Next.   Jobs was one of the richest men.  He has revolutionized with a lot of new innovations and technologies, including iPod,  iPhone and iPad.

     He was born in San Francisco on 24th Feb. 1955.  He died on 5th Oct. 2011.  His father, a professor, was from Syria.  His mother was a speech therapist.  He was adopted by Clara and Paul Jobs from Mountain View, California.  He had four children.  Jobs was interested in electronics during childhood.  He was not very much interested in studies at school.  He knew his partner Steve Wozniak from high school onward.  Steve Jobs dropped out of college and joined creative classes at a school.

       He joined a job as a video game designer in 1974 and left it. He came to India.  In 1976, Jobs and Wozniak started Apple computer in Jobs family garage.  They sold user-friendly computers.  Their Apple-II earned a lot of profit and made the company famous.  In 1985 he left Apple to start NeXT Inc. which is a hardware and software company.  In 1986 he purchased “Pixar Animation Studios.”  That was merged with Walt Disney and thus Jobs became Disney’s largest shareholder.

     In 1995 Jobs returned to Apple.  He popularized his own product iMac and revolutionized the company with successful products as Macbook Air, iPod, iPhone and iTunes.  For Steve Jobs the computer was the most remarkable tool that was invented.  His mantras for successful development had been Focus and Simplicity.

    He quoted that our life is limited and we shouldn’t live someone else’s life.  We should live our own life.  Quality is better than quantity.  Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.  Great things in real life are done by a team of people.  Design is not just what it looks like and feels like.  Design is how it works.  The only way to do great work is to love what you do.  Find the work that you love to do.

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