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     I will do many great daring feats and earn a lot of money.  I can get on to any flight/aeroplane without being seen and without a ticket.  So I can travel all over the world easily.  I can enjoy royal treatment in big hotels, staying there and eating there free.   I can do many things that I cannot do easily otherwise.

      If I am invisible then I can fight terrorists, robbers easily.  I will join the class of super heroes.  One advantage is that it does not matter whether I am fat or thin, colored or fair skinned.  I will be a privileged person on Earth. 

    I will go to my enemy in my childhood and beat him without him knowing that it is me.  I can go on space expeditions on the shuttles/sputniks and come back.  I can travel in the city free of cost on the metros, taxis and bus.  I can work at internet cafe free without paying.  I can watch cricket, football, hockey, badminton, tennis, kabaddi, and volleyball tournaments in many countries free of cost.  I can see cinema without paying.

    I can go to huge presidential palace or some king's and live there. 
I will earn a lot of money and live happily.

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