Eat a balanced diet.
Eat in small quantities at intervals.
Your food should also contain a small amount of fat.
If you are obese, must work out at gym or exercise at home.
Do yoga it is very helpful in routine life.
Avoid eating oily,junk items often. You can eat it occasionally.
And Be happy... dont do things that depress you that puts you out of your comfort zone.( But pls remember sometimes you have to put yourself out of your comfort zone.-- this is another concept of being an opportunist)
-regards (any queries will be entertained)

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Keeping ourselves fit and healthy depends on maintain the fitness and health we need to drink plenty of water,eat balanced diet,eat fruits daily,eat green leafy vegetable, exercise daily.,jogging and laughing is also necessary for our fitness.stop eating junk food...etc,.these are the few ways by which we can maintain our fitness and health.
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