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Woman: Asslam-o-Alaikum!
Green Grocer: Wa-Alaikum-u-Salam!
Woman: Do you have fresh gourd and brinjal?
Green Grocer: Yes, I have. They are placed in a basket on top of that counter.
Woman: Show me, I shall check them first.
Green Grocer: Why not? Take this basket.
Woman: (Choosing the fresh and good ones) What do these cost per KG.
Green Grocer: Brinjal is Rs. 20 per KG and Gourd is Rs. 25 per KG.
Woman: You are pricing so high.
Green Grocer: Ma’am, I shall give you a special discount of Rs. 5 on both the brinjals and the gourd as you have visited my shop for the very first time.
Woman: But give me some more discount.
Green Grocer: Ma’am, I have already given you a discount but I can not give you more discount as it will cause me a loss.
Woman: Ok, pack one KG of brinjal and three KG’s of gourd for me. And don’t forget to give the coriander and green chillies in my shopping bag.
Green Grocer: Ok, Ma’am. I shall give the coriander and the green chillies to you for free.
Woman: (Paying her bill), Thank you.
Green Grocer; Welcome. (The woman goes).