When I was a kid, my best friend and I were looking at old photos in his house. There was one of a family wedding, a group shot outside our local church. One of the men in the photo had no legs. Not like, was in a wheelchair or anything, but literally in the photo, his legs just stopped at the knee and you could see the huge old slabs of the church
they even matched perfectly with the slabs that were on either side. It was exactly the same as if you were looking at a photo and looked at the wall above his head, rather than below his knees.Now, I can't blame digital trickery as this photo was WAY too old for that . Maybe someone with a working knowledge of photography could explain it.The weird thing is that the guy in the photo (my friend's uncle) ended up with diabetes and had both legs amputated at the knee years later.
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    there was actually a ghost in the old house I was there but it really did not harm me any time and don't know the reason but It was a scary ghost which already had harmed many people who lived in the same house one of the incident was I was actually see a movie in the television suddenly the television was becoming blur and even more blur. so I was little muzzy so I did not understand anything so I called up the care center of my television no sooner the person came to my home for the repair of my television so I don't know what happened to my television he completed his work so while he was assembling the parts again properly he had no sooner had got a  electric sock of around 5 waltz. he died there it's self only because of the electric sock and until he was sent to  the hospital he died but till now I could not make out the reason but my friends say that it is because of a ghost living there.
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