Till you are alive enjoy, be in debt but drink ghee
where there is sugar there are ants.
effort of hardwork will never be wasted
punishment has got 10 credits to its name
dharma when portected, protects
mother and motherland are like heaven
actions earn a name for a family
helping others is one step closer to god
there is nothing like knowledge in this world
keep away from the wicked
want 10 proverbs in sanskrit.
these are sanskrit proverbs translated to english
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 1. aD p½  yA
2. aD dpZ yA
3. aD gj yA
4. aD cAtк yA
5. ad`D dhn yA
6. ary rodn yA
7. aD prMprA yA
8. apTnm^ t gQCtm^ iEt yAy
9. aD go l½l yA
10. ammE yA
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want 10 proverbs in sanskrit.
it is in sanskrit but written using roman writting
ok thank u