Air pressure is a force exerted on you by the weight of tiny particles of air. Air molecules are invisible but they still have weight. Eg for air pressure is tire

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   Air pressure is the pressure of exerted by air in the atmosphere on any object present on the surface of Earth.  This is also called the atmospheric pressure.

   If the air is inside a tyre or a chamber or a container (closed) then the pressure is exerted by air molecules on the material of the enclosure.

  Air pressure is due to two reasons:
1. Weight due to the mass of the molecules of air.  Gravitational force.
2.  Due to temperature,  the air molecules possess kinetic energy.  The move in all directions.  So they hit the surface of the container or an open object in air and then get rebounded.  The change of momentum in the molecules causes force and pressure on the surface.

  1. Air in tubes in Tyres 
  2. Air in balloons.
  3. Air in rubber (air filled) boats.
  4. Air pillows.
  5. Air pump -  to clean dust from insides of vehicles.

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