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At cathode Na+-ions migrate to cathode where they are reduced to                       (Reduction)                                                                                                                            At anode Cl--ions migrate to anode and oxidised to form chlorine gas.
 When an electric current is passed through the molten mixture of NaCl and CaCl2, NaCl decomposes in to   Na+ and Cl- ion. Na+ ions migrate towards cathode while Cl- ions towards the anode. The molten sodium   collects in the cathode compartment where it rises to the top and is tapped off by a pipe. Chlorine is   collected at the anode.

2NaCl è 2Na+ 2Cl-ELECTROCHEMICAL CHANGESto Na.2Na+ + 2eè 2Na 2Cl- è Cl2 + 2e
2Na+ + 2e- è 2Na
2Cl- è Cl2 + 2e-
2Na+ + 2Cl- è 2Na + Cl2