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     I am writing the main points related to promotion and improvement of tourism in India.  Please convert that into a speech fitting the duration.

There are many people who go on tours.  But very few visit the various heritage centers.  Popularity, accessibility, journey times and duration and usefulness of visits to heritage centers are the reasons for tourism.

1. Promote cleanliness in tourist spots.
2. Make the various destinations more accessible in terms of transport.

3. Encourage Indians and people one each state to visit their local touristic spots.  Popularize the various heritage spots, buildings etc.  Make schemes to pull people to the sites regularly.  People are ignorant of local beautiful, historic, heritage centers nearby, but are more knowledgeable about foreign tourist spots in Europe and America.

4. Provide and improve local facilities that are required at the touristic locations.

5. Reduce exploitation at those locations.
6. Reduce corruption if it is present in activities related to tourism.
7. People who come in contact with the tourists should be told to behave nicely with tourists.

8. Safety should be ensured for tourists.  Foreigners fear contracting viral diseases.  So their fear must be removed first.
9. Many heritage buildings are not in good health.  They need to be revived and protected.

10.  Modernize the infrastructure, transport, publicity facilities.

11. There are many pilgrimage centers to which tourists go very often.  They are crowded.  Make the facilities better for the tourists at these crowded centers.

12.  Hold competitions, party meetings, cultural shows, national or state holidays in these centers.

13.  There are many professional meetings and conferences round the year.  Some of them could be in these areas.

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