1st-Narendra Modi. 2nd-two small children. 3rd-two young teenagers. 4th-two old people. 5th-one blind man or women. My idea is , As the prime minister says about swachh bharat in televion shows .Every one are impressed and taking a part in it. While the two children are going to school they saw some choclate wrapers ,junk packets laying down .Every one are doing their work.But these two children picked the wrapers they didnot find diustbin around they took them to their sch.and throw them. While the teenagers are just lazy. As these two are eating something and besides their is a dustbin but they didnot throw ,just on road .These 2grandparents saw this they 2 pick them and thtow them in dustbin.thus teaches a lesson. A blind girl walking with stick she found some waste materials she too them and throw them in their dustbin in home. I think this may helps u or ,r,r,r.
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its not too bad but there is no conversation between the parts