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Type 1

Themes of the story are:- 1 Hunger 2 poverty 3 Socio - economic inequality 4 unemployment

Type 2

the story is based on India's poverty and the hunger that the poor face..even after thousands of government policies that have been made the poor are not supplied with the promised amount of food grains. 

Type 3

it is based on the conditions where there is  scarcity of food how people die because of hunger . and also describes steps taken by government , like government policies to improve these conditions . it makes us to see the miiror of the worl that some people have excessive food that they waste and some die because of  food.
"feed your mind feed , empty stomach "

Type 4

The main theme of the story 'Hunger' by Nasira Sharma is dismal struggle of human beings with poverty and hunger.

Type 5

The theme of the story hunger is:

1)Hunger: Hunger is the dominant theme in this story.

2) Socio-economic inequality: another theme in the story is the vast economic and social differences between the haves and the haves-nots.
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