Hi there,
rayon is different from nylon as it is made from wood pulp.
2.plastic is good as it  durable and can carry more weight and is used to make many things that u use daily without u noticing it.
the problem is that it  cant be disposed unless we bur it ,polluting the environment
,it is non wat is the solution?
there r many ways by which we can over come this problem.
1.recycling it.
2.limiting the use of plastics.
i hope this helps u...
Nylon fibers are stronger than rayon .
plastic is a wonderful invention because of its versatile nature to manufctr n to develop anything. 
for example it is used in making cell phones n also toys.
even the shopping kit is made out f plastic.
but every thing will have a neagtive side with a positive side.
by burning it , it creats harmfulness to the envronmnt especially air.
also it is non - biodegradable .
HOPE IT CAN HELP U......... :)
we shld not burn plastics.
also we can limit its use.