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Grandfather: We would usually spend our leisure time reading a book or
                   chatting with friends .
You: But, grandpa....that doesn't make a sense of having fun...!!! 
Grandpa : what do you mean by having fun..? 
you : playing video games , chatting on social networks, hangout with                         friends....etc., 
grandpa : but, why do you think this is fun...?? due to this people are turning to                  be introverts. 
you : why do you think like that grandpa...?? 
grandpa : OK, tell you share all your feelings , thoughts , opinions ,                          decision makings with friends..?? 
you :  ya.....i share...!!! but....not all...
grandpa : hmm,,,...this is what i'm trying to tell you...
you : grandpa....would you please let me know in detail..?? 
         grandpa : sure... 
you : hmm... 
grandpa : people are being changed. i mean their attitude , way of thinking etc.,                as a matter of fact everyone is acting like introverts. no one is ready                     to share their emotions , feelings , troubles etc., 
you : yes grandpa.. i understood what you are trying to tell me. Thank you for                 making me understand. i love you grandpa...!!!!!!
 i can give u some ideas. pls make the conversation by urslf.
earlier people used to go out n play .
but todays generation sit nside the home n play in the computer.
earlier the life expectancy period was more but now it has become less.
now many people die in the age of 20-25.
in one sentence todays generation is really a topsy turvy.