Why it is celebrated
 what we use to do
what to do and not to do
 sefty measures

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yea...crackers are made by small children. They are forced to make crackers.....n for their sake I was not bursting crackers from past 2yrs and ll continue....hope that u do the same.... :)
thanks from this year onwards even i wont burst crackers.
and also thanks for the info.
Ma pleasure....^_^
Nice dat u got aware of it!! N even thnxx for not bursting crackers......^_^
On hearing the word Diwali the first image formed in our minds is about the crackers blasting and about the pooja we do in our house.
the pooja we do in our house is about our Devi Lakshmi.
this festival has its own importance because it is considered that it is a festival which removes darkness and signify the victory of light over darkness.
during this festival even rangoli making is done 
in many schools there is a competition even held for this rangoli.
it is the biggest and brightest of all Hindu festivals.
it is usually celebrated in the Autumn months like October or November.
the word Diwali itself means the festival of lights.
the observances made during the festival are:- Diya and lighting, home decoration, shopping, fireworks, puja (prayers), gifts, feast and sweets.
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if the time yet remaining then u can add the safety measures to be taken during the festival.
thnk u