a slogan is just like a thought which just give a rhyme . suppose we have to write a slogan on air we can write ' air is everywhere'.
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Ur thoughts , n ur feelings make u write a thought.
when u feel like to change our country 's habits , there arises a thought in u , which changes into a slogan.
for example , people waste water n pollute water.
and think that a poster  making competition is held in ur school.
n there should be a slogan along with ur poster.
the topic is water conservation.
what u will think ?
so u may think of some things on how to save water.
may be u makes a slogan like save water . so thats it .
u want to make a change in the people's attitude.
in one way u can say a slogan is a message which u want to convey among the people.
hope it can help u :)
ur ideas r ur thoughts . ur thoughts r ur slogans............