Human life is dependent on anture.We take everything from nature to live our lives.Do we give give back anything to nature?(i)Write down some examples of natural resources that we use.(ii)Write a paragraph expressing your point of view regarding our relationship with nature.



We aren't only dependent on nature. we are e alive because of nature.
The most important is air.
the most important thing on which we are Alive is air. we need oxygen to live. we can't even live for a single minute without air( oxygen ). that's the main component which we get from nature.
2nd. is water
water is the second component without which we can't live. we need water mainly to drink. that makes us alive.our body is having 70% of water. we can live knly for a week for a week.
third is FOOD.
it'd another main component which we need to live. we can only live for a month without food. it's also provided to us by nature.
there are the main things without which we can't live. according to me they should come first.
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