The cold weather season begins from mis November in northern India and stays till February.December and January are the coldest months in the northern part of India.The temperature decreases from south to north.Days are warm and nights are cold.Frost is common in the north and the higher slopes of Himalayas experiences snowfall.During the season the northeast trade winds prevail all over the country.A charecteristic feature of the cold weather season over the northern weather season over the northern plains is the inflow of cyclonic disturbances from west and northwest.

Due to the apparent northward movement of the sun the global heat belt shifts northward .As such,from March to May,it is hot weather season in India.The influence of the shifting heat belt can be seen clearly from temperature recordings.A striking feature of this season is the loo.These are strong,gusty,hot,dry winds blowing during the day over the north and northwestern India.
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Summer season is known as hot weather season towards the close of summer season pre-monsoon showers are common especially in kerala and karnataka they help in ripening of mangoes and often referred as mango showers. A striking features of hot weather season is "loo"
winter season is known as cold weather season. winter season begins from mid November in India and stay till February. A feature of cold weather season over the northern plains is the cyclonic disturbance from the west and north west.