There are three types of Heat transfer -
- Conduction
- Convection &
- Radiation

- Conduction 
Heat transfer takes place by direct contact of particles.
e.g. ⇒ When you touches hot coffee mug your hand heats up.
When we place one end of an iron rod in fire, other end also heats up. 

eat transfer takes place through a medium which may be liquid or gas.
e.g. ⇒ Heating a pot of water on a stove. 
When stove is turned on heat is transferred first by conduction between the stove through the bottom of the pot to the water. 
Heat transfer from the hot water at the bottom to the cooler water at the top is by convection.
- Radiation
Heat transfer takes place through empty space.
e.g.  Transfer of heat from the Sun to the Earth's atmosphere.
       ⇒ When a person place their cold hands over fire.
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